Over at his Political Annotation, Mark suggests that Rove’s move was bad politically. I think the Rove statement, which he had to know would come out, is actually good political fodder.

  1. It can be contrasted with Durbin’s statement and will help draw more attention back to Durbin’s statement.
  2. Rove said his at a private gathering and Durbin made his statement on the Senate floor.
  3. Rove’s statement plays to the stereotype of liberals and there are enough statements out there to back it up.
  4. It refocuses on the difference between liberals and conservatives in the war on terror.

I think this is probably a good start to get people back focused on the war and winning it. With Congress getting cold feet, this statement will draw out the left side of Congress (they’re having a press conference about it) and the public will be reminded of that party which should be in charge in times of crisis (hint: it’s not the party that would rather indict than fight).