Macon Recall Effort Recalled


The Macon Recall Effort collapsed this evening, though most likely temporarily, after having secured the 100 names needed to file an application. It turned out that the Chairman of the Recall effort, and named sponsor of the petition, was not registered in 2003 for the mayoral election. The recall law requires that the sponsors and signatories of the petition all be registered to vote in the last election of the person to be recalled. As the Chair is the “named Chairman” under the recall law, the application was null and void.

The effort to collect signatures must be restarted. However, considering it took the recall effort just one weekend to collect the necessary signatures, that should not be a problem. The real problem comes from the possible demoralization of the overall effort.

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  • Matthew, if you support the recall effort why don’t you put your energy to better use by helping Name calling will do nothing to rid Macon of Ellis. Heather is not a “self-promoting moron”. She and the volunteers have worked very hard and put in long hours to try and get Ellis out of office. I would think that at the very least you would be grateful that someone has stepped forward and taken on such a difficult job to better the city of Macon.

    By the way, you must not have met Heather, if you had, you would never have posted such a statement.


  • Hello
    I dislike the name-calling that those supporting Ellis or opposing his recall wish to engage in. Yes, we who want change love to call the mayor bad names. Maybe we are getting a dose of our own medicine, and maybe not. I dislike insulting someone who is not under investigation or under any cloud of suspicion.

    Is Heather promoting herself? She would not have waited this long to press for change. She would have stayed in front of the news camera as long as possible. You should be glad someone who could have held up their hands and left can care about this town.

    Shame on you for posting this about a lady let alone someone whose crime against you is disagreeing with you.


  • yeah, so maybe if someone who wasn’t a self-promoting moron started a petition it would work out….

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