Kill Them All


So, the adminstration says we can hold prisoners at Gitmo “in perpetuity.” Senators are appalled. I have a solution.

Let’s kill all the prisoners. I say that in jest, but let’s think about it. We have at Gitmo sworn enemies of the United States. They will do what they can to kill us if (and when) they are released. Though you would not realize from hearing about it in the media, we have actually released a good number of the terrorists who we determined were no longer a threat. The Senators would have us release the rest into the world so they can carry on their plots. We have three options it seems: (A) release them, (B) keep them, and (C) kill them. Given the three choices, “B” is most preferable for most of the terrorists. But, since the Senators will not stand for it, nor will the media or the left or most anyone else for that matter, we will not. Let’s kill them before they kill us is the logical conclusion, but it is not really the right answer. Know it all and holier than thou types in the Senate would suggest we let these murderous terrorists out, which is even more the wrong answer. Perhaps we should let them out. Then Joe Biden can explain to people why that was more brilliant than having these terrorists listen to Christina Aguilera while eating well in Gitmo in perpetuity when next they bring down more of our buildings and take away more of our mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters.

There is a war on.

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  • Actually Gitmo is populated by men who the United States has determined are sworn enemies pf the US. There’s a big difference. Executing them means we accused them and killed them without trial. That may sit well with you. Oh ha-ha, you were just kidding. Maybe next time somebody will actually laugh. But determining that some people do not have the right to trial is the first step down that slippery slope towards abusive government power. What? WIth such a godly Christian man like George Bush in office? How unthinkable! It could never happen here! Why, we got rid of tyranny two centuries ago and racism and religious persecution are illegal in this country! Yup, all those men are guilty! How do we know? Cuz we arrested them for being guilty!

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