Throughout the 2004 Presidential season, Americans everywhere were treated to snide liberal reporters and Blue State lefties decrying President Bush as dumb. Some had bumper stickers that said “Somewhere in Texas a Village is Missing It’s Idiot.” While creative, it was also ridiculous. Bush was a mediocre college student, to be sure, but he had also maneuvered his way through the Governor’s Mansion in Texas to the White House — no small feat for an idiot.

Now comes the tale of John Kerry. Kerry recently signed his Form 180 to have the Pentagon release his records. It appears that Kerry actually had a similar GPA to Bush — in fact, Bush had a grade point average one point better than Kerry’s and did better in subjects like History. While Kerry received four D’s his freshman year of college, Bush received only one D his entire college career.

But, what really makes Kerry the true Village Idiot is his failure to release the transcripts. It does not take a political strategist at the level of Karl Rove to realize that when a candidate is being attacked for not releasing records, you should release the records unless there is truly something horrible in the records. Apparently, the worse thing in Kerry’s records was the fact that he and Bush had a remarkably similar collegiate career.

Had Kerry released his military records when the Swifties started pounding him, he could have short circuited some of their arguments. Instead, Kerry buried his heels in the sand and refused to release the records. The net result is that Kerry went on the lose the election. Academically, Kerry may be average. Politically, this was one of the stupidest moves in recent Presidential politics — right up there with Michael Dukakis’s answer to Bernard Shaw. What is it about Presidential candidates from Massachusetts?