The 21st century beckons.

Sitting in the lobby of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Eddie Huff looked at the screen of his laptop in dismay.He was looking for “Wi-Fi,” a wireless fidelity connection that would give him access to the Internet and e-mail without plugging his computer into anything. It wasn’t there yet.

“I’m surprised,” said Huff, who lives in Augusta and was on his way to Minneapolis.Across the atrium, Daniel Aghion was a little less patient.”It’s pitiful. This is the one airport in the country without it,” said Aghion, a Boston businessman who frequently comes to Atlanta. “(His Wi-Fi) doesn’t work on the plane and I need to send somebody some e-mail.”By September both men, and other travelers passing through the world’s busiest airport with a sudden need for Internet access, should be happier. At that time Hartsfield-Jackson should have in place its own Wi-Fi system that will allow access from any where in the airport.