Perhaps I should not share this as friends of mine of late have gotten calls saying (1) I’m talking too poorly about Casey Cagle and (2) I’m talking too poorly about Ralph Reed — which to me means I’m trying my absolute best to cover this race as some what of a GOP insider without stepping on the toes of either side, except when absolutely unavoidable and, even then, hopefully with the understanding of both sides that I’m just trying to cover the race and have some fun.

So, without further ado, I pass this on from a friend of mine and one of Ralph’s county chairmen (he will go nameless to protect him):

Eric [Ed. — there should be a “k” there too],
I dare you to entitle a post about Ralph, “Ralph Reed — The GOP’s Dick Clark.”

For those who know, that is too funny. Ralph has been fortunately blessed to not look as old as he is.