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Jay is right.

I was reading about some congressional nutjobs, and the question occurred to me, “Where’s Cynthia?” Where’s Cynthia McKinney, the Jew-hating, conspiracy-mongering loudmouth from the Fourth District of Georgia? Many of us were anticipating her return to Congress, for she is always great copy. But, unless I’ve missed something, she has been awfully quiet %u2014 suspiciously quiet. Has the Democratic party worked out some kind of deal with her, whereby she doesn’t embarrass them? (Talk about conspiracy-mongering!)

Unleash Cynthia! Free Cynthia!

Where is Cynthia? No doubt the evil Zionists have conspired to silence her.

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  • funny musings about the Dems inducing McKinney to keep it quiet! It’s a bit odd, though, that you focus on her hatred of 2% of our population (anti-Semitism) rather than her equally virulent hatred of the majority of our population (her anti-white prejudice). What is the obsession — on the Right and the Left — with Jews and anti-Semitism? Let’s focus more broadly by commenting on and fighting all forms of bigotry, including bigotry against Christians, Catholics and European-Americans.

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