Having had a chance to let the news of Apple’s switch to Intel sink in, I draw one overall conclusion: this was the most boring WWDC event in years. In effect, Apple pulled a bait and switch.

Like the magician making the quarter disappear by distracting you while he throws the quarter away, Apple distracted us with the Intel announcement (which in the end will not be a big deal to the end user who really is more OS concerned than chip concerned) while tossing away innovation.

Seriously. We saw a preview of the new iTunes (IT’S NOT EVEN RELEASED YET) and saw nothing, zip, nada on anything and everything else. Where are the new innovative projects? Jobs kept saying there are still lots of “great PowerPC products” to come. Really? Where are there?

Or, will Steve keep saying they are coming until they arrive next June in the form of Intel based products? That’s not encouraging.