The Georgia Supreme Court has weighed in on the Shorter College matter. For those who do not know, Shorter College’s accreditation was threatened because the evil Georgia Baptist Convention dared to control appointment of trustees. The college, rather absurdly, launched was was in effect a coup against the GBC and purported dissolved after transferring assets to a new non-profit.

Today the Georgia Supreme Court said there really was no dissolution and, in effect, gave the GBC a victory. The underlying tragedy of this is that the religious bigots of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools would threaten the accreditation of an historic Baptist college because historically the Baptists have exercised proper powers under the college’s charter.

Imagine if you will the Catholic University of America being denied accreditation because the Pope has final say over its affairs. Just because a religious denomination has some or much control over a Board of Trustees should cause no concern — except it does because too many academic types are intolerant religious bigots who closemindedly presume that religious control means a school will be as closeminded to the secular views of the academics as the academics are closeminded to the views of sectarian.