Wanna make yourself sick? Read this article about “advocacy” groups such as Americans United persecuting Christians at the Air Force Academy because there are too many of them.

Critics including Captain Morton attribute the problem in part to the academy’s location in Colorado Springs, headquarters to dozens of the largest evangelical ministries and churches. They say there is significant crossover between the leadership of the academy and those organizations and churches in or near Colorado Springs, including Focus on the Family, the Navigators and the Officers’ Christian Fellowship.

A report sent to the Air Force in late April by Americans United for Separation of Church and State, an advocacy group based in Washington, said that academy officers and staff members opened mandatory events at the academy with prayer, sent e-mail academy-wide with religious taglines, and published advertisements in the academy newspaper asking cadets to contact them to “discuss Jesus.” The report is based on interviews with current and former academy staff and faculty members and cadets.

Fliers advertising a showing of the movie “The Passion of the Christ” were placed at every seat in the dining hall, with the tagline, “This is an officially sponsored USAFA event,” according to the report.

Last summer, a team from the Yale Divinity School was invited to spend a week at the academy’s basic training program assessing the chaplains’ pastoral care. It found what it called in a report “challenges to pluralism.”