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Captain’s Quarters is probably the best place to go in the world right now for information on the Canadian government’s impending implosion under the weight of corruption. Captain Ed has very well placed sources who are able to get him information despite a publication ban.

Very sweet.

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  • You would probably find some good company in Jane Jacobs. Her most recent book, Dark Age Ahead, includes a chapter on taxes and how they are increasingly out of line with “needs and possibilities.” In this chapter, “Dumbed Down Taxes,” she explains the concepts of subsidiarity and fiscal accountability:

    Subsidiarity is the principle that government works best — most responsibly and responsively — when it is closest to the people it serves and the needs it addresses. Fiscal accountability is the principle that institutions collecting and disbursing taxes work most responsibly when they are transparent to those providing the money.

    Jacobs, being a resident of Toronto, has much to say about how this is going on in Canada, and how the same is happening here in the U.S., in England, Germany, and other nations with strong central governments. The problem is not necessarily taxes as much as it has to do with how those taxes are disbursed.

    This also goes back to your post on the Bibb SPLOST. The question, “What are the needs and possibilities addressed by the SPLOST?” should be answered thoroughly if any widespread support will be seen for it.

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