I think it is hysterical that the media is trying to make a big push for women and gays with a new pope. How “primitive” John Paul II was on both issues (NOTE: I’ve heard very few talk about married priests).

The fact is, other than married priests, the Pope is on solid Biblical ground to deny the ordination of women and to deny the sanctity of homosexual relationships. In fact, only those Christian denominations that have become Christian in name only accept homosexuals and few authentically Christian denominations allow women deacons — even fewer allow women preachers. Those that do allow women preachers are increasingly on the march to destruction as authentic Christian denominations. Why? Because the books of Timothy make clear that women should not be bishops (also meaning elders or priests). Timothy also says that women should not be Deacons, though there is some debate as to the specific word used because, supposedly, the clear prohibition on female bishops is a different word from the that used to deal with Deacons. All said, however, the general thinking is that both are the same word.

The problem with the modern church, including the PCUSA, United Church of Christ, Methodists, Episcopalians, etc. is that they’ve decided it is time for God to change for them. They’ve rejected the idea that they should change for God. Mighty progressive of them, and also wrong. No wonder these denominations are shrinking while true Christian churches — those that treat the word of God as literal — are growing. His Holiness believed in the literal word and his successor will too, despite what the media might like.