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I am honored to serve on the board of RedState and I have particularly enjoyed getting to know Josh Trevino and his biting wit.

This is not to claim, as some do, that the left is inherently godless. We can be charitable and note that despite the worldwide left’s propensity in the past century to spawn atheist dictatorships of a particularly murderous stripe, there is such a thing as a “religious left” in the United States and various other nations. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Jesse Jackson both illustrate the noble and ignoble of clerical leadership in the African-American community, and both were men of the left in their respective eras. The anti-apartheid United Democratic Front, when not engaging in internecine township slaughter of Inkatha and Black Consciousness adherents, was a religiously-based vehicle for South African liberation in the 1980s. The American Catholic Church has a checkered history of left-wing agitation from the Berrigan brothers through the bishops’ support for a nuclear freeze. Latin America has seen left-wing clerics in government in Nicaragua and Haiti.

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