Friday was bad enough. At 11am Saturday, pine tree feel during a windstorm. It came from the neighbor’s yard, narrowing missing our house and cars, and fell just a few inches shy of our mailbox, stretching into the road taking the powerlines, cable lines, and phone lines with it.

We were without power from 11am until Georgia Power got it back on at 2:30am. The live lines were in the yard for a while. Georgia Power actually had the power flowing at about 5pm, but when the tree fell, it ripped the utility pole and meter off the side of our house. So, an electrician had to put that back on before Georgia Power could do anything. They showed back up at 2:30am to reconnect the new utility pole to the power lines.

As for the phone, it worked until about 4pm when the tree cutters came to remove the tree and cut the phone line. It remains out.