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The AJC’s Political Insider Column has a look at Georgia’s Lt. Gov. race. Casey Cagle has been trapped in the State Senate prohibited from raising campaign contributions. Meanwhile, Ralph Reed has been out raising money, including over $500,000 at one event.

Ralph is heading to Washington to raise money on K Street with his lobbyist friends. As predicted, Cagle is out saying he won’t take money from liberal interests, including gambling concerns.

I think I’ll be staying out of that race altogether. I do not know Casey personally and am, frankly, inclined to go with Ralph, but I think it would be much more fun to be objective. And, we frankly have to commend Casey Cagle for getting into the race when Oxendine was there and staying in with Reed. That takes courage and shows he is serious.

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  • Jack Strickland is wrong!

    Dr. Reed is of the highest quality and has worked for God’s way for many years, even decades. To be for Cagle is to be against the Lord.

    God wants Reed to win. In fact, candidates like Dr. Reed are the only ones the state GOP should use. All others must support these Godly efforts.

  • We are electing a person, not a machine. Casey Cagle is the better candidate. He is a genuinue conservative. He has a proven record of legislative accomplishment. He is a strong leader and a man of integrity.

    Ralph Reed long ago forfeited any claim to being a conservative. He has spent the last decade renting out his once well deserved reputation as a leading Christian conservative to anyone with a checkbook. In the last year, he has taken over $4 million in lobbying fees from an Indian gaming casino! He has also done lobbying work for Enron, Channel One, and the Puerto Rico statehood movement. He has way too much baggage to win the general election or even a Republican primary.

    Reed may have an impressive organization, but that is no substitute for character.

  • i saw casey cagle at the college republicans convention and i really liked him, but i don’t know – its not that ralph is more appealing as a candidate (compared to cagle), but its the ralph reed machine that is impressive

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