For those who do not know him, Andrew Sullivan is a formerly brilliant mind taken over now by shifting winds. One day he is conservative and one day liberal. One day he is Catholic and one day not. Today his mind is exploding with thoughts of Pope Benedict XVI. It is rather funny. You should check it out here.

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  • I do think that Sullivan is being a little hysterical over the new Pope. While his reasons to not like the new Pope are valid, why not just join another church in which he agrees? I don’t see the big deal.

    However, as to your comments about being conservative one day and being liberal the next, is it your view that you can either have to follow the conservative line or liberal line and you cannot have differing views on differing issues? Didn’t it used to be conservative to want to hold the line on government spending? Prevent government intervention into private, family, or religious matters? Do you really think that the Bush Administration has been “conservative” on these issues? I don’t think they have been conservative at all. The Bush Administration has been very populist and radical – somewhat like a Wilsonian Presidency.

    Spreading democracy around the world foreign policy, expanding Medicare drug benefits, increasing the federal role in state public schools, protectionist steel policies, irresponsible fiscal policy … the list goes on and on. Seems to me that President Bush, under your definition, is conservative one day, liberal the next.

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