Is the Democratic Party still viable? Decision ’08 is taking on the Democratic Party and makes some very good points.

I cannot see how a party of young, idealistic, yes, but headstrong and somewhat foolhardy activists can coexist with the party of Harry Truman. In other words, can and the Democratic Leadership Council co-exist? Or is a breakup what the doctor ordered?

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  • I hear a lot of right-wingers crying about “the party of Truman.” Interestingly enough, not one of them has been able to tell me how the current Democratic Party would not fit Truman. Truman lived in the shadow of Roosevelt and felt it was his duty to uphold the New Deal. He attacked big business. He stood strong for the UN and internationalism. He called for rights for the working men and woman of the country.

    Harry Truman would be a lot like Harry Reid.

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