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I have now been using my new Powerbook for a week. It is a brilliant machine. Sure, the Windows folks have mocked me, but they have also been drooling over the glare free monitor, the backlit keyboard, the automatic brightener for the screen, iChat AV, my iSight, the software, and the ability to run Windows XP at the same time.

The machine really is great. Unfortunately, I am experiencing the trackpad issue, but Apple has been simply wonderful in its assistance. I should hear back from them tomorrow. The trackpad issue is rather easy to explain. In addition to occassional mild static electricity shocks (though none in more than 24 hours), once the machine has gone to sleep once, the trackpad behaves abnormally, including freezing up for fifteen to thirty seconds.

These machines are the first to use new Apple trackpads and apparently quality control didn’t notice the problem until they shipped. Notwithstanding that problem, I am a very happy camper. The keyboard is terrific, the speed is great, and I have had no problems using Windows XP to run WordPerfect and our interoffice voicemail software from Avaya. Virtual PC is slow, but it works well.

I intend to up the memory from 512MB to 1.5GB in the next few weeks. When I start running a bunch of applications at the same time, the machine slows down. Other than that it is great. My parents are able to video chat with me at the office, I have clients who get on their machines across the country and do the same thing. That’s fantastic. Oh, and I have become a Launchbar addict. If you have a Mac, you need Launchbar, though I think I’m going to try out Quicksilver soon.

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