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Mayor Ellis in Macon, Georgia and Kelly Clark, his finance director, have managed to do it again. The books are screwed up.

Macon Mayor Jack Ellis on Friday challenged the findings of a critical audit that said Macon finances were in disarray, and said the audit will show “that no fraud has been committed.”

“Sure, there were some posting errors here and there and things that we should have caught … but not one penny has been misspent in any way, shape or form,” the mayor said.

Ellis said he’s challenging the “disclaimer of opinion” the city’s accounting firm will issue for the fiscal 2004 audit. The disclaimer, in effect, means that outside auditors can’t render an opinion on the state of city finances because there is not enough documentation.

It could jeopardize Macon’s credit-worthiness, and the city might have to pay higher interest rates if it seeks a loan or wants to issue more bonds.

And again, the Mayor lashes out at the accounting firm instead of owning up to his responsibility. The Mayor and Kelly Clark have ruined the city’s credit rating, but because the Mayor still plays the race card without members of the black community vocally calling for his ouster, he can get away with it.

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