Here again the Telegraph takes on Kelly Clark, but the Mayor fiddles while the city burns.

Ficklin, chairman of the council appropriations committee, went check-hunting Friday after the committee tabled for the third time a resolution to spend more than $1.8 million in unallocated funds on big-ticket items.

The resolution would move the money from the unallocated reserve fund and spend it on various city departments for uniforms, incentive pay, overtime pay and contractual services. It was tabled, Ficklin said, because the city’s finance office again failed to provide an adequate cash flow analysis.

The resolution was tabled the first time in January because Clark failed to provide the committee with a cash-flow analysis of how the money would be spent. It was tabled again last month because the analysis did not meet the committee’s specifications.

By Friday’s appropriations committee meeting, the work on the cash-flow analysis still had yet to be finished and council members refused to pass the resolution.

“We’ve asked for this information over and over again,” said council member Rick Hutto. “It’s obvious this is deliberate.”