Moonbats and Wingnuts Unite


Leave it to the Federal Elections Commission (the “FEC”). After bitter fighting throughout the last two years, the FEC has managed to do what no one else could do – unite the Moonbats and Wingnuts, the left and right of the blogosphere.

In the interview linked to by Krempasky, FEC Commissioner Brad Smith suggests that the FEC will soon begin drafting regulations to regulate free speech on the internet. Thanks to the Supreme Court deciding that free speech really doesn’t mean free speech, Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly decided that grassroots activism on the internet can be regulated. In 2002, the FEC voted 4-2 to exempt the internet from campaign finance regulation. John McCain and Russ Feingold sued over that vote and, with the judge’s decision, won. That decision made the case that the FEC could and should regulate internet activity. Despite the 4-2 decision in 2002, the FEC voted 3-3 this time on appealing the judge’s decision. The three against an appeal were all Democrats and a tie means there will be no appeal.

When Al Qaeda attacked the United States, the group was smart enough to hit neither the Budweiser Brewery nor any NASCAR track. The repercussions from the redneck community would have been severe. Millions of men would have sailed their bass boats across the Atlantic and had their revenge. Chalk Judge Kollar-Kotelly and the FEC up to being more stupid than a bunch of cave dwellers. For now, the Kossacks and RedStaters are united that the FEC should not restrict the free speech of a grandmother in San Antonio or San Francisco who just happens to use Blogspot to share her thoughts on her grand kids and her politics.

Allowing the FEC to regulate the internet will allow a governmental entity to decide who is and who is not the press. While the left frequently says the Bush administration acts like a third world dictatorship, it will be the Democrats on the FEC through their unwillingness to appeal who will, with the effectiveness of Putin or Mugabe, clamp down on the citizen journalists of our country.

Update [2005-3-3 14:5:3 by Erick]: Kevin McCullough is keeping up to date on this story. At Krempasky’s request, I was on the air with Kevin a little while ago. You can check out Kevin and his take on this over here.

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