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Brain-Damaged Woman’s Feeding Tube Removed

Terri Schiavo only made one mistake: She had a heart attack at 26 years old. If she had murdered her five children, senselessly threw a woman over a bridge to drown, or was a murdering terrorist, the ACLU and every other group would be screaming bloody murder to no end. Let me share with you a quote from the article about Schiavo’s feeding tube being removed:

“It was odious, it was shocking, it was disgusting and I think all Americans should be very alarmed about that.”

Is this quote from someone who is digusted about how Schiavo is going to be starved and dehydrated to death? NO! It is her husband’s lawyer, who is upset that some members of Congress have been trying to pass legislation to save her life!

My friends, are you clear on what is going on here? A woman in Florida is being left in a room, to be starved and dehydrated to death. She is not on life support, and she will die a slow and painful death. If this isn’t cruel and unusual, then nothing is. And, we had all better realize this: We are ruled by judges. Legislators, Governors, and Congressmen have no power anymore. If they did, Terri would not be left to die like this. I can’t even say she is being treated like an animla because if she were a dog, no one would ever allow this to happen.

I am beyond pissed at a lot of people over this. If you think this woman has a right to die, that is OK. I surely would not want to live like she is living. However, her wishes are unclear. And, to kill her like this is a disgrace. Why not just a lethal injection, to make it quick and painless? How can people say that is not acceptable but letting her starve to death is?

Just ask yourself this question: Would you support a criminal getting the death penalty with the same unclear evidence? And, let me ask you something: If you are not upset with the manner that this woman is being killed, where is your moral conscience?