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The Army Corps of Engineers, not always the brightest group, has done a good thing by letting Cherokee Brick & Tile Co. mine in the Ocmulgee Swamp, an area in Middle Georgia. The area has Indian archeological sites, some of which will most likely be destroyed through the mining.

The ability to mine the area will keep the company going. The article is here. The funniest part of the article is this:

Macon dentist Lindsay Holliday was frustrated with how the Corps handled residents’ concerns. He said he never decided how he felt about the permit because the agency never answered his letter full of questions.

“They’re just not responsive,” he said. “Macon’s got some serious problems with our river and they’ve done us no favors.”

Let’s hope that’s a misstatement. It’s hard for me to imagine the good doctor not knowing if he is opposed to something like this as he is generally opposed to most progress of this type.

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