Damn The French Frogs


I’d start the title of this post with an F-bomb, but this is increasingly becoming a wholesome site. Heh.

We’re here in Prague, a beautiful city. Our lawfimr came in two shifts. We arrived yesterday and the others were to come today. The Partners are to meet tomorrow and all of us on Saturday.

Well, the other half is going to be late.

France’s bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games received a hard knock as trade unions staged a nationwide day of strikes, demonstrations and transport stoppages just as an IOC team began an inspection tour of the proposed Paris sites.

Much of the capital’s metro and bus system was at a standstill on Thursday, half of flights to the two airports were cancelled or delayed, classrooms and government offices were closed, and a mass demonstration was expected to draw tens of thousands during an afternoon protest.

The protests were part of a campaign by unions and the socialist opposition to force the government of President Jacques Chirac to increase wages, reverse reforms of the 35 hour working week and end its efforts to trim the welfare state.

Large rallies were held in cities across the country, as workers heeded calls for strikes in schools, national and local administration, post and telcommunications, gas and electricity services, banks, the press, museums and tourist offices.

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