Representative Burke Day, a Georgia State House Republican, in my opinion, crossed the line this morning on Fox & Friends. He compared the Atlanta Courthouse shooting in Atlanta to what 9/11 did to New York City. That’s absurd and it is offensive.

One man shooting three people in court and fleeing the scene does not, in any freaking way, equal a group of islamofascists flying planes into the World Trade Center.

Burke, that was a bad comparison and you should think twice about it. While a tragedy, it was no 9/11. We obsess about it because it is close to us. It’s like Columbine for Colorado or a blizzard for NYC — something terrible for those in the immediate area but not so much for people across the country. 9/11, however, was a collective tragedy that we should not compare to something like this.

[UPDATE] Burke Day was kind enough to email and he says I misheard what he was saying. He writes:

You weren’t listening. I said the chain of events “SHOOK Atlanta LIKE 9-1-1 did NYC …”

I didn’t say they were the same and dramatic impacts can’t be compared by scopes of destruction. The human reactions can darn well be the same; that was the point.

Thanks Mr. Day for setting the record straight.