I’m blogging from Charles De Gaulle Airportl, which actually has kiosks to charge laptops and iPods with wireless access. That’s the only good thing here, besides the plane that will get me out of here. Unfortunately, it will again be Air France. This time, however, Christy has an aisle seat in a row with a window.

Why do I hate the French. Here is a conversation today (my spelling is not great in French). Trust me, you’ll get the idea.

Me: “Excuse moi, Madam. Parlez-vous anglaise s’il vous plait?”
Her: “No, I don’t speak English.” she says in perfect English.
Me: “Oh, ma francaise est horrible.”
Her: “That’s no problem.”
Me: “Do you have a turkey sandwich?”
Her: “Je vous ne comprend pas.”
Me: “Est ce que vous avez un turkey sandwich?”
Her: “We don’t have turkey.”

Damn French!