What a Moron


I’ve long thought that Michael Eisner needed to go. Disney does very little anymore besides churning out third rate straight to video sequels to its hit classics that are just horrible.

This kind of explains that.

The New York Post reports that in DisneyWar, James B. Stewart reveals that Eisner penned a memo shortly after seeing Nemo that read, “this will be a reality check for those guys. It’s OK, but nowhere near as good as their previous films. Of course, they think it’s great. Trust me, it’s not, but it will open.”

Wow. Now that shows a man with a discerning eye, right? Nemo, of course, went on to net well over half a billion dollars at the box office alone and accounted for almost a quarter of Disney’s entire 2003 revenue– not even counting Nemo DVD sales, which were astronomical in their own right, what with 8 million copies having been sold on the very first day of availability.

Eisner has bad taste.

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