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I’m not a big NFL fan. I much prefer college football. But, I do tune in to the Super Bowl and I’ve got to tell you, I’m not impressed with Donovan McNabb. Perhaps Rush was right.

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  • I’m not going to call McNabb a bad QB. However, nothing from yesterday is going to help his reputation. If it wasn’t for penalties he basically threw four easily intercepted passes early in the game. Separately, the point Rush was making had nothing to do with McNabb. He was using him as an example of a media problem.

  • I just remembered something else I wanted to say.

    McNabb held his own a lot better against the Patriots than Peyton Manning did in the AFC Championship game. Manning has been praised up and down left and right, but he looked like a scared puppy in the face of the Patriots’ D, so all things considered I don’t think it’s fair to knock McNabb too much when Manning completely collapsed.

  • I have to disagree with you, Rush was wrong. Donovan McNabb is a great QB (probably not one of the greatest, but certainly not overrated), but he falls into the class of guys who haven’t been able to pull it off in the really big games (Peyton Manning falls into that group too). What I think this game came down to though wasn’t McNabb, it was that Bill Belichick was just no match for Andy Reid and that if it was a lesser coach than Belichick the Eagles would have won, everybody would be praising McNabb and Rush’s comment would have ended up a footnote in Eagles history.

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