Tony Blair intends to lead his party to victory, again, in the UK. According to the Beeb, he’s off and running.

While I am no great fan of Tony Blair’s — yeah, I know, we are suppose to support him because he supports us even though he is dragging his own country into a multiculti gutter of crime and socialism — the Conservatives deserve to be beat. They tossed Margaret Thatcher, then John Major (luckily), then had William Hague, who knew what principles to stand on. Now they’ve tossed him and gotten Michael Howard who changes based on which direction the wind blows.

How bad are the Tories now? They are running just like the Democrats here — one day they are for the war, the next day against. One day for free market reforms, the next day against. Howard should be kicked in the teeth and the Tories need to bring back Hague, who knew what he was doing.