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Overall, a good speech. I’ll have up full thoughts in just a bit. Thanks for tuning in.

The hug between the mother and the Iraqi is going to make me cry. But you can sit down now. Thank you.

I’m not actually a fan of the major new payments to the wounded and killed in the military. I understand the politics and compassion of it, but I just don’t know. They did sign on for it.

You have to give it to the President for talking about allies like Egypt and Saudi Arabia. That he mentioned them makes him seem very sincere and answers his critics who think he will say one thing, but no actually do it.

Is having the SOTU on a Wednesday night at 9pm a plot by the Jewish neocons against the evangelicals in the Republican party?

I’m glad some wanted to show their support, but I think it was cheesy to have purple fingers. We did not earn that. We devalue it by bringing it into our politics.

Nice line to the Iranian people. That will need to be emphasized because the lefties will be telling Iran how evil and insincere we are.

“The advance of freedom will lead to peace.” That, I think, sums up this President’s ideology, both through domestic programs and international events. “Add[ing] to that story” will freak out the kossacks, no doubt. Speaking of, now that’s classy.

It is a good thing he reminds people of Z’s declared war on Democracy, but Peggy Noonan will not be happy that he wants to eradicate tyranny from the world.

The sad thing is that the President is going through all this stuff about building coalitions and working with other governments and he will get no credit for it because he isn’t French looking enough.

Oh yeah George. That new department really, seriously, really protects us. Those color codes, you know. They scare the hell out of Osama.

Note that the President has had a lot to say about minorities. Expect the GOP to make a strong play for evangelical blacks and hispanics.

By and large, I think the conservatives are pleased so far. Oh, and we all remember Ryan White and that tragedy. Good 80’s pop culture throw in for good intent.

Note the wink to Breyer when he slams activist judges. Oh, and the Dems ignore him when he goes after the filibuster. They sit on their hands and ignore him. That should hack off Frist and he should unleash the nuke option.

Heck yeah!!!!! He comes out for the marriage amendment. Fantastic. Culture of life is good too. These are some good conservative ideas. Buy why the heck is commie chick Mrs. Christopher Reeve there?

How dare he talk about faith and values. How dare he.

“The money in the account is yours and the government can never take it away.” Huge selling point for those of us under 30. Kerry got them in the last election. This may pull them over to the GOP for a while.

Yeah to the personal accounts. The Dems will be run over on that one. (I hope)

The review of what everyone else has proposed was good and his outline of what must be in the plan is pretty good.

Looks, all the Dems have buried their heads in the sand.

I hope people are paying attention to these SS details that the Dems deny.

Is saying SS won’t change for people over 55 his version of “read my lips — no new taxes”?

Note the number of Dems who don’t clap when the President says to save ss. I bet they clapped when Clinton said it.

Here comes Social Security. Look for Dems to burst into flames.

Mr. P, the way you phrase immigration is great. But, have you read your policy? It reads like open borders and amnesty.

I want anti-gravity hover cars. Let’s fund that if we’re going to fund ethanol.

Uh, Mr. Prez. We don’t want nuke energy after watching 24 on Monday night.

ZZZzzzzzzz. The healthcare stuff doesn’t interest me. The energy stuff, all good. Let’s clear out ANWR!!!!

The tort reform stuff is going to hack off some good friends of mine who would otherwise vote for and fund Republicans. The health care line will go no where.

Wow! The liberls have been running the canard that the President is getting rid of Pell Grants. This is going to do something to them. The President focusing on ideas to help minorities in the free market is not a bad idea. As the Dark Lord says, send some money to traditional minority colleges.

Ah, the shot to Kerry. “It should be me up there you @#$^%$!Q!”

Beautiful: He goes off on out of control spending. Pledging to cut the deficit was a nice touch. I won’t hold my breath, though.

Glad he tipped his hat to Ukraine. Not so much about the PA.

Should there be a secret service agent between Pelosi and the President?

I assume the “You’re back! You’re back!” Was directed to Cynthia Moonbat McKinney.

Notice how Shelia Jackson Lee always wants to shake the President’s hand and then she goes out and calls him a racist.

And so he enters.

Lord! What nerve CBS has in letting Dan Rather cover this President’s State of the Union.

I’ve never tried a live blog on WordPress, but we shall try it tonight.

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