Yikes! Nancy should not have had a face lift so close to the SOTU.

Ohhhhh!!! Scary!!!!!!! Social Security Roulette. That’s just dumb.

Will Mr. Rogers rise up from the dead and bitch slap Harry Reid for the bad impersonation?

Harry Reid tries to use Groundhog Day. Good grief. It’s like Dan Rather-lite.

“A man from Searchlight” really is the anchovy of geographical tag line politics. It lacks substance and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Hell, “a man from Crawford” sounds better than Searchlight. That’s just silly.

Searchlight does not have the same ring as “Hope.” I guess, though, the Dems are searching for a real message.

Harry, we don’t care for the bio, though this is the first most people will meet you.

Is Harry on prozac?