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Patriot of the Week Award goes to Sen. John Kerry for appearing on Meet the Press and being just as petty, negative, solipsistic (“I laid out four steps”), self-serving, inarticulate and semi-delusional as his many reluctant supporters feared he might be in office, thereby allowing millions of Democrats and independents to feel more comfortable with their president and putting in place the preconditions for a vast, bipartisan coming-together surge of national unity! … A deeply satisfying performance. … He could have been good! But no–he chose instead to sacrifice his own popularity for his country.

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  • We are a nation that holds the rule of law in the highest esteem because we know that individual freedom is wholly dependent upon justice. You said in your inaugural address that “…there is no justice without freedom…” but I say that it is equally true that there is no freedom without justice. Without justice, without the rule of law, the weak are not free from the strong; the victims are not free from the bullies; the people are not free from tyrants.

    We know also by our own struggles for individual rights that freedom is dependent on equality. If “the best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world”, it must be true that the world’s best hope for peace is the extension of equal justice.

    In America we assure equal justice through separation of powers. The judiciary is separate from the executive branch so that judges can dispense justice in a more objective manner, relatively free from coercion. Only by creating a world judiciary that is immune to coercion by interested governments can we assure that justice, and therefore freedom, can grow in the world. As long as any nation puts itself above the law, freedom and justice cannot grow.

    Your opposition to the ICC is an attempt to put the United States above the law, especially since your reason for this opposition is to protect members of the U.S. armed forces. No one should be exempt from justice. The exemption of people from justice creates inequality and destroys freedom.

    To lead the cause of world freedom, the United States must be willing to submit freely to world justice. As long as war crimes trials go to the victor, justice for war crimes will be rare and accidental. The world needs an independent judiciary to assure that war crimes trials are fair and that justice is equally and impartially applied.

    We the People of the United States of America believe in justice and the rule of law. We want our government reflect this core belief by behaving as a good citizen of the world and submitting to world justice. We are not afraid of justice because justice makes us free.

By Erick Erickson

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