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Dixie, over at RedState, thinks we need to be taking Bangladesh seriously. She makes some great points that the administration needs to consider.

Bangladesh, for many reasons related to the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), is a country of increasing importance to US foreign policy. A secular, moderate, majority-Muslim nation in the turbulent region of South Asia, Bangladesh represents hope to policymakers who aim to prove the compatibility of Islam and secular democracy. However, as a democracy that regularly experiences the effects of political Islam, with shaky institutions and a history of military coups and violence, the quality of this democracy does come into question. Finally, extreme poverty, high population density, porous borders, domestic strife, and a rising religious extremism – albeit in a minority of the population – makes Bangladesh an attractive nation of convenience for transnational group such as al-Qaida and its associated movements.

Knowing a bit about Dixie, let me just say that if she’s writing this, she needs to be listened to.

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