Parody Descends to Madness


This is what we deal with in the City of Macon.

The deteriorating relationship between Macon’s two branches of government took another hit Wednesday as three City Council members accused the mayor of initiating a slander campaign against them.

Flanked by Councilmen Henry Ficklin and Rick Hutto, Councilwoman Elaine Lucas said Mayor Jack Ellis and his “henchmen” have launched an intimidation campaign against them, and Councilman Charles Dudley, because they have criticized his administration.

The mayor denied those allegations, saying his staff “continues to do the business of the people” and doesn’t have time to attack the City Council.

During a 20-minute news conference, Lucas said Ellis and “people on behalf of the administration” have spread rumors “of personal nature” throughout the city’s churches.

They have only to blame themselves. If they would publically come out in support of the ongoing recall effort, the mayor would not be allowed to play the race card. As long as they remain silent on the recall, they have no one to blame but themselves.

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