BRAC is about to make a comeback.

The chilling warning is about to go out to communities that are home to Georgia’s 13 military installations: Prepare for your base to be closed.

State officials responsible for monitoring this year’s round of base closings are confident the Pentagon will not deal a devastating blow to an industry worth $20 billion annually to Georgia.

But the 2005 closure list scheduled for release by May 16 is expected to equal the total of the previous four rounds combined, and it is unlikely the state will avoid the chopping block this time, said retired Army Brigadier Gen. Phil Browning Jr., executive director of the state Military Affairs Coordinating Committee.

“We’ll be competitive, but statistically you’ve got to be concerned because of the numbers they are talking about,” he said.

At least one and possibly two Georgia facilities could be shuttered, Browning said, so the Pentagon can slice at least 24 percent of what it considers excess infrastructure.

I hope for Middle Georgia’s sake that RAFB is spared. The Marine Base in Albany, I think, is probably the most vulnerable.