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I put this up at RedState yesterday and just had so much fun writing it, I thought I’d share:

Andrew Sullivan has announced he is going on hiatus from his money raising blogothon blog, the “Daily Dish.” After years of subjecting the blogosphere to witty insight, high prose, and Jerry Lewis style “blogothons” to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for “bandwidth,” Sullivan is calling it quits (for a while).

Andrew, who was a conservative and now has more positions on Iraq, the war on terrorism, and conservatism in one day than the Kama Sutra has in all its pages, is taking time off to write a book. But, like with his inconsistency on the war, he’s not really going away — just don’t expect the daily dishing of news — it’ll be more like the Occassinal Dishing on Broken China style of posting (think Andrew Sullivan in August, but not so much).

All in all, though I stopped reading him a while back when he mostly only focused on gay marriage and why he does/doesn’t/does/doesn’t/does/doesn’t support the war, he will be missed. Andrew was/is/will be a pioneering spirit in the blogosphere and one you’d rather have on your side than not except for when he switches sides before coming back to your side before going off to start his own side before abandoning us all for the month of August except to send pictures of how much more fun he is having than the rest of us.

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