Efforts in Bibb County, Georgia are gaining momentum to merge the city police department with the county’s Sheriff’s department. The Telegraph reports that many former mayors and other bigshots have released a letter calling for the merger.

To be seen is whether it is or is not possible. Here’s the problem. The resolution is just a resolution, not a plan. The city officers will need a pay raise if we want them to be equal to the Sheriff’s office. That’ll raise taxes, which will not be popular with an unincorporated area of the county already not willing to merge.

The city has problems. Chief among them is its near state of bankruptcy. While shifting officers might ease the burden, the plan remains to actually be seen.

Lastly, here’s a sticky issue. If the city goes bankrupt, what will happen to the money in the pension plan? Inquiring minds really, really want to know the answer to that one. Better be finding out before the summer.