Immigration About to Boil Over


Remember Bob Barr, the flame throwing former Georgia Congressman who doggedly pursued Bill Clinton to impeachment? I just got to interview him on the subject of immigration – a subject I am increasingly interested in not because of solutions, but because the Republicans seem not to have any.

Barr says immigration “is the weakest part of the Republican platform.” He says we are not taking immigration “seriously as a security issue.” Barr, like Herman Cain, thinks immigration has more to do with the security of the country than free markets. He also says, “the Republicans are making the problem worse.”

How? “By allowing special status for people who are here illegally. The Congress should not pass the President’s immigration proposal.” Barr also says Congress wants more money for border security so “Congress should put the money where it wants it not where the President wants it.” “We need to increase border security,” says Barr.

If there is one recurring theme boiling below the surface at CPAC, it is not gay marriage or abortion. The movement is pretty united on both of those issues. Immigration is the weak link. The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal wants open borders. The economic conservatives tend to agree. Everyone else wants something else – what that something is is too nebulous to be determined.

With the President pushing an amnesty program that no one will call an amnesty program, the open question is whether this will be the President’s “Sister Soulja” moment or “Hillary Care” moment. Clinton shined in the former by reprimanding his party and he went down in flames on the latter by taking the country in a direction no one really wanted to go. In the meantime, the liberals wait in the wings with Hillary Clinton ready to tack to the right and the left ready to go further than even the President is willing.

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