Georgia Tort Reform


Yesterday, the Republican controlled legislature in Georgia passed sweeping tort reforms that included a $350,000.00 cap on non-economic damages and a tightening of expert witness rules.

After years of actively backing Democrats, the trial lawyers now have their comeuppance at the hands of the Republicans the trial lawyers so often tried to beat. While I’m not a fan of caps by any means, it is somewhat humorous to see the Republicans so eager mete out their revenge against the trial lawyers.

Bill Stephens will sleep well tonight.

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  • At one time I didn’t think caps were a good idea….but that was until the infamous spilled hot coffee while driving case awarded $50 Million dollars to a klutz. Although the amount was reduced upon appeal, it indicated to me that American jurors fail to realize how outrageous awards ultimately trickle back down to all of us. Stupidity needs judicial assistance.

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