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Senator Cornyn spoke about the federal judiciary and the determined efforts of the GOP to get conservative judges on the bench. Interestingly, when he took questions, he got one about immigration. You’d think the lead Senator on the subject would, when speaking to conservatives on a thorny issue, have a straight forward response. Cornyn did not.

He said the government has had it’s “head in the sand too long.” He also said we need to recognize and deal with having “10 million [people] living in our midst.” Cornyn this we “can’t be in denial.”

He stumbled over the question and had to really think about his answer. He said the debate is currently being led by those who don’t have a solution. But, he did not really offer a solution beyond strengthening the border and supporting Homeland Security. If the President and those who support his plan don’t figure out how to mollify conservative concerns on the issue, their majority might fracture.

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  • Well, someone should suggest that the Senator look to other countries around the world who are taking strong steps to solve the problem..Indonesia and now even Britian…

    Are we going to be the last country to get the message…when we were really the first to be targeted in a major way?

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