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Last November, Paul Casey, an accomplished professional golfer from England, made quite a spectacle of himself when he talked about how much he “properly hated Americans”. He says we were uncultured idiots and threw in other lovely descriptions such as “annoying” and “ignorant”. Nice. Oh, he somehow failed to mention that he had an American girlfriend, an American coach, and an American home, was educated at an American University, where he was on scholarship funded by American taxpayers. He was also joining the American PGA Tour to compete for American dollars in front of American fans. (and we’re the brainless ones?)

Anyways, apparently his feelings are hurt that his comments have not been let go by some. In fact, it’s driven him to therapy.

At some point, the “chic”-ness of spouting anti-American garbage has to start catching up with people. Read any lefty blog, you have a library of examples. Ted Kennedy is giving tons of ammo. Hollywood is a Library of Congress when it comes to the rants. And if a few people singing “God Bless America” while Mr. Casey is approaching the first tee hurts his feelings…well, that breaks my heart. But honestly, what does he care? We’re too ignorant to notice, right? Sure…ask Natalie Maines.

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