What I’d Say If I Were In The Senate


“Mr. President, I rise in response to the Senator from California’s objection. In Ohio, the President won by over 118,000 votes. A statewide recount confirmed that.

“In Washington State, the Republican gubernatorial candidate won by several hundred votes. After a recount, the Republican won by 42 votes. After another recount, the Republican won by over 100 votes. After a Democrat demanded third recount and the surprise find of new ballots, the Democrat won by several hundred votes.

“If the Democrats were consistent in their outrage of electoral problems we would be investigating Washington State too.

“Regardless of Ohio, in 2000, Vice President Gore won a majority of the popular vote and President Bush won a majority of the electoral vote. In 2004, President Bush won both. Some members of this body claimed we should scrap the electoral college in 2001, because the popular vote winner should be the real winner. Not this year.

“Unfortunately, the Democrats are not consistent in their outrage. They are only consist in their zeal to steal elections. I yield back the balance of my time.”

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