We Don’t Claim Him Anymore


The AJC’s Political Insider looks at a Newt run for President.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves, we know. But this talk of Newt Gingrich as an ’08 Republican presidential candidate made us curious whether Georgia could — or would — still claim him as a favorite son.

It doesn’t appear that he qualifies. A check with the secretary of state’s office showed that Gingrich hasn’t voted in Georgia since November 2000.

Newt hasn’t lived down here in a while and we’ ve all moved on. He should too.

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  • Vote for Mr. Potato Head in a race against Newt? Absolutely! You’ll have to get Erick to fill you in on the details. Probably not appropriate to post on a public forum.

  • Erick, you’re probably expecting this comment based on my utter contempt for this man, but in case anyone else is out there listening and thinks any of us want to claim Newt Gingrich, let me set the record straight.

    Oh hell no! I can only speak for myself, but I can guarantee that I would vote for anyone EXCEPT Newt Gingrich, and would probably join the ranks of his opposition just to work against him. Ugh.

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