A lot of Christians, wanting to comfort and not offend, often are at a loss when tragedy strikes. They talk of “free will” when men fly planes into buildings and they talk of “nature” when tidal waves wash lifes to sea.

Al Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has this:

Jesus clearly warned His disciples that famines and earthquakes, along with wars and other ominous phenomena, would be the “birth pangs” of coming tribulation and judgment [Matthew 24:7-8].

This is no time for theological hand-wringing and evasion. A great tragedy like this is often the catalyst for bad theology offered as soothing counsel from religious professionals.

A faithful Christian response will affirm the true character and power of God–His omnipotence and His benevolence. God is in control of the entire universe, and there is not even a single atom outside His sovereignty. And God’s goodness and love are beyond question. The Bible leaves no room for equivocation on either truth.

Read the whole thing. Oh, and a hat tip to Hugh Hewitt for that.