I have once again decided to hack into the site because I cannot begin to express how important I find this issue to be. Read on:

The most important civil rights case in years is coming to the Supreme Court. No, it isn’t on affirmative action, or those poor innocent goat herders shepherded to Guantanamo Bay by the “evil and incompetent” Bush. It is about the property rights that are of the utmost importance in a free society. If you don’t truly own your property, then you aren’t truly free.

Tax-hungry politicans want to throw you out of your home against your will based on eminent domain. Only these days, they want you out so they can get more tax dollars, and they argue that higher tax revenues are a valid public purpose, which will allow them to kick you out and hand you a check for fair market value. Take a moment to read this article:

House not for sale – Can the government force you to sell your house in the name of new development

I do not want to sound over-dramatic like those race-hustlers and terror-apologists, but our freedom is truly at stake here when the Supreme Court decides Kelo v. City of New London later this year.

If the court rules for New London, the results will be disasterous. No longer will a private developer have to fork over what it takes to get someone to sell their home. They can just go to the friendly tax-and-spend politicians to force people to sell at “market value.” But what is market value? Surely, market value drops when you can only sell it to the city. And, market value rises when a developer wants (or is even speculated to want) your property. And, we will all suffer for it. You need to keep your eye on this case. Few cases that come before the Supreme Court affect this many people.

One part of the article I found very interesting:

Tranter says the developer has signed contracts with 65 residents to buy their property for no less than 25 percent above market value, pending the outcome of the Gamble’s appeal.

Comprehend that for a moment. A developer is ready to pay 25% over market value, but only if he must to secure the property. This is exactly how things are supposed to work in this country! If the developer wants it bad enough, they must pay what it takes. Not a penny less.

Take note of this my friends. I don’t think I can emphasize to you enough how important this case is.

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