Walid Phares, MSNBC’s terrorism analyst, has examined what Jihadists think of the tsunami. While he highlights the conspiracy theories that say America caused it, Mr. Phares points out

Had the tsunami hit the U.S. West Coast or the Japanese islands, their official theological story would have been that Allah punished the infidels for their aggression in Iraq. Had the waves reached Iran’s waterfront, the Salafi would have decreed that Shiia apostates angered the divine.

Read his whole post. It’s rather interesting.

The Jihadi version of events has not been so thoroughly embraced by the survivors and their societies.

In Fallujah, Zarqawi’s men kill the Marines, but in Aceh, the Marines save the lives of Muslims.

The tsunami tragedy, a wrath of nature, reminded all humanity that unity, solidarity, and peace are the real responses to planetary challenges.

The jihadists cannot and will not accept this lesson. The world they want is one of hatred and division.