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The AJC’s Political Insider column says Ralph Reed meet with Ga. State Senator Casey Cagle about running for Lt. Gov. Reed and Cagle both want it. Others are expected to join the race.

Interestingly, the State Insurance Commissioner, John Oxendine, is also in the race. Oxendine was, for the longest time, the only statewide elected official in Georgia’s government. This should be taken as a sign that the powers that be in the party do not take Oxendine seriously. If he gets frustrated, he may jump ship and run, instead, for re-election. That would throw water on the fires of many who want that job and who may not be willing to back out.

Oxendine has painted himself in a corner. And, with only $500,000 raised for his Lt. Gov. bid, he can probably be out fundraised there. Oh, and Georgia law prohibits him from using that $500,000.00 to run for Insurance Commissioner instead.

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  • Erick…

    Welcome back, and I hope you enjoyed your outdoor retreat.

    Now, what is it about the Lieutenant Governor position in Georgia? In most States, that’s a political purgartory. If Cagle and Reed are ambitious and seek the job, what am I missing?

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