Proportions and Googling


When you haven’t done something in a long time, you forget it. I wanted to put the RedState logo on the site, but it was too large. I knew the size of the existing logo, but wanted it smaller without it getting distorted. Ah! I need to shrink it proportionally.

I remember lining things up: The 340 width over the 65 height on one side of an equals sign and the 160 width over an x on the right side. But, what next?

Googling found me the answer. Multiple the 340 and x to get 340x. Multiple the 65 and the 160 to get 10,400. Divde by 340 and x is 30.58.

Now I remember. Google is such a fantastic creation. Did you know that if you type a word into Google it will define it for you. A phone number will reveal a name and address. A math equation will reveal a calculation. A conversion (e.g. feet to meters) will reveal the conversion. It is very handy.

Likewise, if you want to search just a particular site, put in your search term and then type “” without the quotes. Google will only search that site. It’s fantastic.

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