Good morning!

Tom DeLay has successfully gotten the GOP to reverse the DeLay rule. The rule would delay the ouster of an indicted GOP leader from the House leadership until the rest of the leadership could investigate whether the indictment was partisan or had a basis in fact. The media is playing this up as the GOP trying to blunt criticism. The media has not yet explained why it was done originally if the GOP wanted to avoid criticism.

Relief efforts in Indonesia were hampered after a Boeing 737 carrying supplies hit a herd of cows on the runway. Claire Short is expected to blame Bush for the loss of the cows.

The New York Times is, again, decrying No Child Left Behind because it allows military recruiters to recruit high school students with, among other things, video games. Oh the horror! Recruiters are also allowed access to students’ phone numbers to they can call and chat unless parents don’t want them to. Oh the horror! Let’s bring back the draft instead.

President Bush’s re-election team has joined the fight in Ohio. The team filed a motion seeking to throw out a Kerry supported motion that would throw out the Ohio election results. The Bush team says the Kerry backed motion “resembled ‘a poorly drafted script for a late night conspiracy-theory movie.'”

And finally, in a bid to provide all of us with comedy relief in 2006, Judge Roy Moore is considering a run for governor of Alabama. If he ran as a Republican, he could face incumbent Bob Riley in a primary. Riley still has image problems by getting elected and trying to raise taxes. Moore, on the other hand, tripped over his ego and got thrown off the Alabama Supreme Court. The Democrats just might have a chance.