Good morning!

The press, having failed to defeat the President for re-election, has again joined forces with the Democrats to defeat Al Gonzales’ nomination for attorney general. WaPo reports that Gonzales actually asked if we were “being forward-leaning enough,” which WaPo points out is something Rumsfeld has said. Oh dear God! But, WaPo says Gonzales might not have drafted the “torture” memos. The memos might actually have been drafted by the Vice President’s legal counsel. Watching the Dems and press attempt to lynch a Hispanic nominee for attorney general should be interesting.

Yesterday the press gave light praise to the GOP for backing down from the so called “DeLay Rule.” Today, the press attacks the GOP for apparently making it harder for the House to engage in partisan witch hunts against its own members while the press was distracted by the DeLay Rule change.

The new rule requires that ethics complaints against House members die without an investigation after 45 days unless the Republican chairman and Democratic ranking member of the bipartisan 10-member Ethics Committee agree to let them proceed. The Ethics Committee also could provide a majority vote to allow a complaint to continue, meaning one member would have to side with the other party to produce an investigation.

Currently, if the committee hasn’t acted within 45 days of a complaint, the case automatically goes to investigators.

After winning an election and two recounts, Washington’s Governor-Elect Dino Rossie apparently lost in a third recount to Democrat Governor-Elect Christine Gregoire. Gregoire now wants Republicans to shut up. She says that she won after three recounts, the first two of which had her losing and the last one, which she won, was only won after new ballots were “discovered” and more voters voted in King County, Washington than actually were registered to vote there. Republicans are now running radio ads calling for a new election.

Congress is back in session. Please keep an eye on your wallet.

And finally, with much wailing and gnashing of teeth for some, the Trojans, playing with a prophylactic defense and aggressive ball groping beat Oklahoma 55-19. Quarterback Matt Leinart set an Orange Bowl record by passing for five touchdowns. Now the Trojans have their own title since, despite their claims, last year’s title went to LSU. Geaux Tigers!